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As an engineering and consultancy office for environmental surveys,Terra Engineering & Consultancy nv (TEC nv) has comprehensive experience in conducting initial, exploratory and descriptive soil surveys, working out soil remediation projects and guiding soil remediation works. Drawing up technical reports also falls under the core business of TEC nv.

TEC nv works for both governments, public institutions, multinational corporations, SMEs and private individuals and always looks for a customer-oriented and customised solution!

Terra Engineering & Consultancy nvprovides among others the following services:

  • Descriptive soil surveys (DSS)
  • Combined initial and descriptive soil surveys (IDSS)
  • Exploratory soil surveys (ESS)
  • Soil remediation projects (SRP)
  • Guiding of soil remediation works
  • Pilot studies on in situ remediation techniques
  • Interventions in case of calamities
  • Expert reports for courts
  • Technical report on earthmoving (TR)
  • Risk analyses and recommendations regarding the re-use of excavated soil
  • Guiding of earthmoving works
  • Legal advice

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