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Outsourcing is the process of delegating a business process to third parties or external agencies, making use of the benefits ranging from reduced wage costs, improved product quality and increased innovation.

Outsourcing has a direct impact on all business aspects and determines how successful companies are run.

  • You can significantly reduce your operating and labour costs. 
  • You can focus on your core business.
  • It enables you to make use of a global knowledge database.
  • You can free up internal resources and effectively use them for other purposes.
  • You can uphold the required quality of service.
  • You are able to scale flexibly whenever needed.

Current technology offers numerous possibilities as to BPO applications.
There are no constrains anymore to engaging virtual employees on the other side of the world.

Why should you outsource?

The obvious argument in favour of outsourcing is the reduction of costs. This is a good argument and most definitely also a feasible objective.
However, it is not the only argument in favour of BPO. By outsourcing ancillary tasks or part of your administration, you can focus on your core activities and increase their quality. Your virtual members of staff will perform their tasks in a correct way so as to enable you to increase your efficiency. 
Your current employees can focus more on their core tasks and, as such, contribute to a complete focus on your core business.
You will also be able to absorb peak moments by temporarily increasing the number of team members whenever you are faced with a temporary extra workload.

Why India?

For outsourcing your services, you can go to many countries. Still, India seems to be the most attractive solution for a great many companies.

India is preferable to other oriental countries for many BPO services for the following reasons:

  • General use of English as language 
  • A politically stable environment that allows to realise proper long-term solutions
  • Highly educated profiles for every task
  • Cost reduction compared to western countries
  • Good infrastructure in terms of internet and electricity
  • The benefit of the time difference (3.5 hours in summer, 4.5 in winter), which allows to have a great deal of tasks already carried out at the start of the workday here

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