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Practical examples


  • Processing of incoming invoices
  • Drawing up of outgoing invoices
  • Processing of bank account statements
  • Payroll administration
  • Drawing up of reports
  • Entry of project data in the Mistral 2 portal site of OVAM
  • Entry of worksheets based on hand-written data
  • Development of archives and databases, digitalisation and indexing of documents


  • Processing of chromatography of volatile organic compounds
  • Processing of chromatography of mineral oil
  • Processing of chromatography of PCB
  • Processing of chromatography of PAHs
  • Processing of chromatography of phenols
  • Processing of chromatography of chlorine pesticides
  • Processing of chromatography of chlorobenzenes
  • Processing of raw data ICP / ICP-MS


  • Drawing up of basic drawing ISS
  • Drawing up of project drawing DSS
  • Drawing up of project drawing for remediation projects
  • Drawing up of GIS files for OVAM
  • Drawing up of complex project drawings based on database / csv files
  • Drawing up of cross-sections of subsoil
  • Drawing up of 3D site plans of underground pollution
  • Drawing up of 3D window profiles


  • Intranet development
  • Online application for time registration
  • Online application for digital approval of incoming invoices
  • Online application for quality management

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