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Asfalt (3)

Asphalt, which is used in the road construction industry as road ballasting layer, is a mixture of mineral constituents (stones, sand and filler) and a bituminous binding agent.  

Geo Measuring & Analysis nv performs tests on both bulk samples of asphalt, usually within the scope of inspection tests for certification purposes, and on drilled asphalt cores from infrastructure works.  

We also offer a wide range of tests on the mineral substances (sand, stones and filler) from which the asphalt is made (cf. natural granulates).  

Geo Measuring & Analysis nv is one of the few laboratories that is also accredited to perform tests on asphalt rubble granulate (ARG) and all kinds of derived products such as bituminous sealing tape, joint filling agents and joint stickers.  

A selection of our offer:

  • Drilling of cores
  • Thickness measurements on cores
  • Percentage of voids in cores
  • Relative density in cores
  • Content of PAH (tar content) in cores
  • Content of binding agent
  • Filler content
  • Grading and content of fine particles on washed out aggregate
  • Preliminary study for establishing the composition
  • Water sensitivity
  • Water content
  • Sensitivity to segregation (Schellenberg method)
  • Cantabro test

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