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Cone pressure testing

A deep sounding provides in a quick and relatively inexpensive way the following important information:

  • thickness of soil stratums of subsoil
  • geotechnical features of different soil stratums
  • the soil’s bearing capacity
  • an indication of the depth of the groundwater.  

Based on this information, the nature and depth of the required foundation can be determined exactly so that problems with the building to be erected (for instance subsidence or setting) can be avoided.


Depending on the size and load of the building to be constructed, we work with deep sounding equipment with which compressive forces of 25, 35, 100 or 200 kN (2.5, 3.5, 10 or 20 tonnes) can be applied.   We use a standardised cone with a section of 10 cm² (diameter 3.57 cm) and a vertex angle of 60°.

Types of cones

  • Mechanical cone
  • Electrical cone

Cone pressure testing is usually done with a hydraulic sounding device mounted on a sufficiently loaded truck or caterpillar vehicle. For soundings in cellars, back gardens and other areas that are difficult to reach, we use a portable device.   Deep soundings executed by Geo Measuring & Analysis nv not only give you absolute certainty about the quality, structure and stability of the subsoil, but also provide you with indispensable data enabling you to take accurate decisions within the scope of new housing or renovation projects.  These tests are conducted according to the prevailing guidelines so as to ensure high-quality results.

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