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Ovam recognition for sampling of waste substances

The reliability of analysis results is above all determined by a representative sampling. This requires a standardised, high-quality execution.

Recognition of GMA (PDF)



SCC stands for SHE Checklist Contractors (SHE = Safety, Health and Environment) and is in fact more than a checklist. SCC is a complete programme with which the SHE management system of service providers is assessed in a structural and objective manner.

Recognition of GMA (PDF)



GMA is recognized by FPS ELSD as laboratory in group 6: Qualitative identification of asbestos in materials

Recognition of GMA (PDF)



GMA is recognized by VMM as drilling company as mentioned in article 6, 7°, the decision of the Flemish Government of November 19, 2010 establishing the Flemish regulation on recognitions relating to the environment (VLAREL), and this for the discipline "Stability drilling and geotechnical drilling, except for the stability bores and geotechnical bores as mentioned in section 55.2 and 55.3 of annex 1 of title I of VLAREM

Recognition of GMA (PDF)

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