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Soil drilling and monitoring wells

Soil drillings can be carried out for various reasons: to be able to present a visual description of the soil stratums or to enable to take a sample (disturbed or undisturbed) within the scope of a geomechanical or environmental survey.

GEO Measuring & Analysis nv has various types of drilling machines at its disposal for executing mechanical soil drillings on site or in buildings. We can also execute manual drillings.

For each drilling a borelog drawn up, regardless whether it concerns a disturbed or undisturbed sample, providing the following information:

  • Main component
  • Additional component
  • Colour
  • Consistency
  • Humidity
  • Observations as to odour
  • Extraneous materials
  • Groundwater depth

After having executed a soil drilling, a monitoring well can be installed in the created drill hole. This is a well made of HDPE or PVC with a diameter between 32 mm and 63 mm through which the groundwater level can be measured over a longer period of time. Such monitoring wells are also installed within the scope of environmental surveys so as to be able to take samples of the groundwater. Both the execution of soil drillings and the installation of monitoring wells within the scope of environmental surveys are executed in accordance with a code of good practice. This is a procedure drawn up by OVAM that must be strictly adhered to and for which the staff of Geo Measuring & Analysis nvis trained.

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