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Infiltration studies

The new rainwater decree adopted on 5 July 2013 establishes that when building/installing, re-building/re-installing or extending covered constructions/pavements, it is compulsory to observe the minimum requirements for the infiltration, buffering and discharge of unpolluted rainwater coming from pavements and covered constructions. One should, among others, verify whether the on-site rainwater can infiltrate into the soil. TEC nv can assist you with this by conducting an infiltration study. 

First, a preliminary study is conducted based on the characteristics of the environment, the geology, hydrology and hydrogeology and soil maps of the site. Next to this detailed preliminary study, a sufficient number of infiltration tests is carried out.

Based on the interpretation of the results of the infiltration tests, the on-site observations and the detailed preliminary study, the permeability of the soil is assessed and a motivated advice is given regarding the application of suited infiltration methods. 



Limited reporting:

- Results of performed tests
- Assessment of permeability
- Advice on infiltration methods


      Comprehensive reporting:

- Results of performed tests
- Assessment of permeability
- Motivated advice on infiltration methods according to the code of good practice
(based on characteristics of environment, geology, hydrology and hydrogeology and soil maps)


You can also visit the website infiltratieproef.be for more information!

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